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Mini round mirror, tinplate makeup mirror
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Mini round mirror, tinplate makeup mirror, single-sided mirror, diameter is 7cm, mirror surface is glass material, weight is about 20g, cartoon pattern is fresh and lovely, mirror surface is flat and translucent, compact and light, it will not increase the burden in the bag, convenient.

Performance and advantages:

1. Printing, high brightness, high hardness, large elongation coefficient, etc.

2. It is harmless to the human body. 

3. Printing, no fading.

Printing process: The badge of our factory adopts the printing process of Japanese Liangming four-color printing machine.

Main processes: various paper printing, peritoneal, calendering, varnish, pressing, pasting, hot stamping and peritoneal printing.

Product use: exhibitions, celebrations, advertising and collective activities. The advertising effect is remarkable, and it is an ideal product for advertising, publicity, promotion, tourism, commemoration, opening, celebration.


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