HelloKitty Handle Makeup Mirror

Material: plastic
size:25*17cm weight:0.2kg/pc
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[Name] Hello Kitty mirror Handle mirror

[Size] mirror total length 25cmX width 17cm

Mirror surface 10.5cmx14cm

[Color] pink face with red bow, white face red bow

[Weight] 0.2Kg

[Packaging] white carton packaging



She has such a story. There is a kitten with a mouth (the author has already said that there is a mouth), the face is round, a bow on the left ear, and a small tail, her name is Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty , Kitty or a mouthless cat. Kitty cat was born in 1974, the famous Japanese cartoon star. She is an Englishman named Kitty White, Scorpio, third grade, a pet cat called Charmmy Kitty, and a twin sister.

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