Hippocampus Bottle Opener

Hippocampus bottle opener, pure strength bottle open
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Hippocampus bottle opener, pure strength bottle open, stainless steel, streamlined handle, sharp pointed.

Easy to clean, creative design, easy to use, sturdy and durable, the handle is easy to grasp and easy to grip.

Bold auger bit, suitable for all kinds of cork.

It can be used for two purposes, it can open beer, the structure is strong and strong, feel good, more force, easy to open the beer cover.

How to use: 

1. First cut the tin foil of the bottle cap with a knife

2. Drill the rotary drill into the cork

3. Lift half of the cork with the first bayonet

4. Lift all the corks with the second buckle

Matetrial: stainless steel



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